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Ed Dennis
Commercial Broker
Photo of Ed Dennis

Ed Dennis joined Red Rock Realty Group’s commercial brokerage division in Oct 2020. Ed began studying the CCIM curriculum in 2014 and began investing in commercial real estate in 2018. Current investments include multifamily, self-storage, and MHP throughout the southeast and midwest as an LP in syndications with Wellings Capital, Cardone Capital, REM Capital, Sunrise Capital, Wolfe Investments, and Grocapitus. Ed’s area of interest for investing and brokerage is multifamily, self-storage, MHP, and industrial.

Ed has transitioned from an automotive career with Honda of America which included management of specification control, and new model projects for quality engineering. Opportunities with Honda included support of manufacturing plants in Ohio, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and the latest was Alabama.

Ed enjoys hiking, fishing, boating and travel. Spending time with family and friends at Smith Lake is a favorite activity.

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